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What Kind of Day Will You Have Today?

Today I came across this inspirational passage, from an anonymous source, which put me in a positive mood to start the morning.  I hope it will do the same for you, too. “I have responsibilities to fulfill today, I am … Continue reading

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How to Pray Without Talking to God (Book Review)

When I saw the initial response James Twyman’s “Best Spiritual Author Competition” I was not impressed.  It seems author after author came out of the woodwork on the web with promos saying “vote for me!  pick my book!”.  I was … Continue reading

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Toastmasters: Like Father Like Son

I have mentioned in the past my guest blog post on Susan Cain’s Power Of Introverts site about my positive experience in Toastmasters.  I overcame my fear of public speaking thanks to Toastmasters!  I am not sure if my blog … Continue reading

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My 2011 Twitter Awards – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my Twitter Awards – the people who influenced me most in 2011 through Twitter.  (read part one here) Best Twitter Interaction from Well Known Authors – Marcy Shimoff (@Marci_Shimoff) and Deborah King (@Deborah_King) Marcy Shimoff, author … Continue reading

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My 2011 Twitter Awards – Part 1

One of the first posts I wrote in this blog was “Tweeting for Spiritual Growth” – about how twitter can be used as a tool for personal growth.  Fourteen months later I still get inspiration from twitter.  Here are some … Continue reading

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Is God Manipulating Football Games So Tim Tebow Can Win?

As an avid Denver Broncos fan all my life it has been fun for me to watch quarterback Tim Tebow this season.  I was at the Chicago Bears game last week were Tebow and the Broncos pulled off yet another … Continue reading

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“Mr Positive Is Depressed”

I consider myself a “glass half full” type of person, generally looking at the bright side of life.  But my positive attitude was challenged on a recent trip to New York. My wife Anne and I had just come back … Continue reading

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James Van Praagh – Are You A Believer or Skeptic?

Today’s guest post is from my wife Anne about an event she attended last weekend with medium James Van Praagh.  I hope you will find her insights interesting like I did. – Tim Are you a believer or a skeptic?  … Continue reading

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Dancing in Church? Ugh!

This past weekend I attended a church workshop about being “Set Free”.  The event was a transformative experience – I received insights on forgiveness and I stepped out of my comfort zone as I participated in many exercises interacting with … Continue reading

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“Shift Happens” Book Review

In the movie Jerry Mcguire the characters played by Renee Zeilweiger and Tom Cruise have an on and off romance.  “You had me at hello,” is the most well known line in that film from Zeilweiger, when the Cruise character … Continue reading

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