Chocolate Temptation

My biggest challenge to my Spring weight loss efforts occurred last Friday.  I couldn’t resist cashing in a free meal birthday coupon to Steak and Shake.

There I sat staring at my wife’s huge chocolate shake.  Would I give in and order one for myself?

No!  I resisted, thanks to a different type of weight loss program I wrote about a few weeks ago, Naturally Slim. With Naturally Slim there are no forbidden foods.  Instead of counting calories the program emphasizes when and how I eat, rather than what I eat.  Sugar is discouraged, but if I must have sugar eat it with a meal, NS advises.

Instead of ordering a shake myself, I had two or three spoon fulls of my wife’s shake, and that was enough to feed my chocolate craving.  I had a double cheeseburger (that’s OK under the NS program too), some fries and a small bowl of chili.  The key was eating slowly, savoring my food.  It took me 25 minutes to eat this meal that I would have scarfed down in under 7 minutes under my old habits.

I now have lost 14 pounds on the Naturally Slim program and I am only 8 pounds away from getting back to my desired weight.  I’m optimistic I will reach that goal, even though I am sailing on a 5 night cruise in two weeks.  The abundance of food available on the ship will no doubt be my next big challenge.  Can I resist overindulging in the 5 course meals each evening, the free ice cream, and the late night buffet?

Whether I gain weight on the cruise or not, I’ll post an update here next month.

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