My 2011 Twitter Awards – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my Twitter Awards – the people who influenced me most in 2011 through Twitter.  (read part one here)

Best Twitter Interaction from Well Known Authors – Marcy Shimoff (@Marci_Shimoff) and Deborah King (@Deborah_King) Marcy Shimoff, author of “Love for No Reason” and “Happiness For No Reason” posts inspirational quotes on Twitter that I often find myself “re-tweeting”.  She will follow up with a “thanks for the RT” or “how was your weekend?” to start a dialog with me and her other followers on twitter.  You’d never know she has over 20,000 followers with the personal attention she gives her twitter friends.  Deborah King found me on twitter first!  I reviewed many Hay House books on this blog in 2011; Deborah was the only author who sought me out to thank me for my review of her “Be Your Own Shaman” book.  She interacts often with her followers through twitter and her facebook page, asking probing questions to start discussions. Both Marci and Deborah understand the power of twitter to form relationships with their readers.

It’s OK To Be Quiet Award – Susan Cain (@susancain) One of the best discoveries I made this year was Susan Cain’s twitter feed and her “Power of Introverts” site.  Why?  Because I am an introvert!  In a World that seems to celebrate extroverted behavior I drew comfort from Susan’s messages that being “quiet” is OK.  “I compare [silence] to the zero in math. People think it’s nothing, but it can be very powerful.-Michel Haznavicius” tweeted Susan last month.  I look forward to her book “Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking” to be released later this month – one I am sure to read and review here later this Spring.

Best One Liners – Byron Katie (@ByronKatie), Aine Belton (@AineBelton), Debby Ford (@Debbie_Ford). I often check twitter during my work day.  These three women have a way of posting “tweets” that cause me to pause and say “hmmm”.  Some examples: “There is no story that is you or that leads to you. Every story leads away from you.” – Byron Katie.  “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being YOU.” – Aine.  “The promise of a flower lives within every seed, and within each of us lies the ability to lead an extraordinary life.” – Debbie Ford.

Three Wise Men Award – Wayne Dyer (@DrWayneWDyer), Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra), Dennis Merritt Jones (@DMerrittJones). If you’ve read this far you might get the idea I only follow women on twitter.  There are plenty of spiritual men I admire, too.  Three of my favorites are the well known Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra (I was fortunate to hear both speak in person this year).  Not as well known, but just as inspiring, is Dennis Merritt Jones.

Best List Makers – Marc And Angel (@marcandangel). One feature I like about twitter is that there are always new and interesting people to follow.  Just a few weeks ago I discovered Marc and Angel, who use twitter to post terrific links to their “lists” on their blog.  “30 Challenges For 30 Days of Growth” is one of their best.

There are many other “tweeters” I follow whose messages resonate with me, like @positivekristen, @bridgebldr, @JaqStone, and more.  I am sure I’m leaving someone out.  Thank you all for sharing your wisdom on twitter.

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