Sacred Journey of the Heart (film review)

sjfilmSacred Journey of the Heart is a new documentary that explores the keys to heart based living, combining new science and ancient wisdom.  The collection of experts interviewed in the film is a good mix of scientists and healers: Dr. Rollin McCraty (PHD Scientist from HeartMath), Sarah McClean (author and meditation teacher), Colin Tipping (founder of Radical Forgiveness), Gregg Braden (scientist and researcher), Cynthia James (minister and author), Dr. Joe Dispenza (chiropracter and researcher), and others.

The Sacred Journey of the Heart is about “taking on a love vibration instead of a fear vibration,” says Colin Tipping.  I liked best the part of the documentary that breaks down Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness method to deal with past pain:

  1. Tell the story – how were you victimized?
  2. Feel the feelings – how did that feel? Be honest.
  3. Collapse the story – walk in the other person’s shoes.  Understand why people who hurt you treated you as they did.  Don’t let them off the hook – acknowledge they did something wrong.
  4. Everything happens for a reason.  Reframe the experience from the soul’s perspective.  Your soul wanted this experience to teach you a lesson.

Once you understand the lesson, the energy shifts.  “I realize what was occurring was exactly what my soul wanted,” says Tipping.  Is this a radical approach?  Yes, but many have experienced healing with Tipping’s techniques.  In the film producer Ronna Prince works through her childhood abuse using Radical Forgiveness.  Seeing a real application of Tipping’s method gave me a better understanding of this technique.

Radical Forgiveness is just a small part of the film.  The primary message of the documentary is to encourage us to live through feelings, the language of the heart.  “The heart is the primary conduit to the deeper part of ourselves,” says Howard Martin.

I appreciated the good number of healers and experts interviewed.  The messages of some resonated with me more than others.  I especially liked the thoughts of Joe Dispenza, Cynthia James, Marianne Morrissey, and Sarah McClean.  Different experts may speak to you as you watch the film.  With the wide variety of views presented there is something here for everyone.

“Life’s real tragedy is not that it ends, but that we don’t live it to its fullest,” says Marianne Morrissey.  Sacred Journey of the Heart gives viewers techniques and approaches to consider that they can apply to their own lives.  To live in creation and joy rather than through fear.

I was given a complementary copy of this film for review purposes.  I was not financially compensated for this post.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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