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Sacred Journey of the Heart (film review)

Sacred Journey of the Heart is a new documentary that explores the keys to heart based living, combining new science and ancient wisdom.  The collection of experts interviewed in the film is a good mix of scientists and healers: Dr. … Continue reading

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My Greatest Teacher (movie review)

Dr . Ryan Kilgore is obsessed with his father.  Abandoned as an infant, the adult Kilgore sets out to find his father and deliver a piece of his mind.  “I have hated you my whole life, and I have carried … Continue reading

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“I Am The Documentary” Movie Review

Only the strong survive!  Survival of the fittest is the fundamental law of nature!  Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing! We’ve all be raised with these ideas.  Since Charles Darwin’s time assumptions like the above have been key to … Continue reading

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